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    Parenting Support

    There are many reasons why a parent may feel stuck and in need of guidance. Perhaps you don’t want to repeat the mistakes your own parents made. Maybe you and your partner or co-parent have different ideas as to what’s best for your child. Maybe your child presents with unique challenges due to neuroviersity, sensory processing differences, learning differences, or anxiety. 

    If you have read the books recommended by your neighbors, tried the techniques suggested by your child’s teachers, watched parenting video after parenting video and still feel stuck, then parent support may be the next step.

    Parent support is a bit different from traditional psychotherapy or counseling in that it’s focus is more goal directed. Where as traditional therapy may have you spend weeks exploring past events to recognize how they have contributed to current moods and behaviors, parenting support helps you choose a problem (nightly homework battles) and develop a plan specifically tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses to help solve this problem. 

    I believe strongly that parents are experts on their children. Even if you are struggling, you know your child better than anyone. It is also true that children do well when they can. If your child is struggling, something is getting in their way. Parenting support will be a collaborative process and we will work together to help you better understand why the problems are occurring and how to guide your child towards growth and success. 

    What Issues Can Parenting Support Address?

    Parenting support can help you effectively address behavioral struggles with your child. These struggles can include typical daily issues such as:

    • Morning routines
    • Homework struggles
    • Sibling bickering

    But support can also help with more demanding behaviors that push the parent’s skillset. These include:

    • Dealing with tantrums or meltdowns
    • Engaging with an angry or defiant teenager
    • Guiding a child with Attention Deficit issues

    If you:

    • Are looking for ways to address behavioral issues in your child such as aggression and defiance…
    • Need help in taking care of yourself and managing your own stress…
    • Want to learn strategies to support your child’s physical, emotional and social development…
    • Need guidance on creating a plan to address any other childcare issues or educational problems…

    Then please get in touch with me. I invite you to ask as many questions as you need to see if you think we will be a good fit for one another.