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    Parenting Support

    There are many reasons why a parent may feel stuck and in need of guidance. Just like kids, parents do well when they can. Perhaps you don’t want to repeat the mistakes your own parents made. Maybe you and your partner or co-parent have different ideas as to what’s best for your child. Perhaps your child presents with individual differences that lead to an increased need for support. In that case, your job as a parent may feel unusually stressful.

    My approach to parenting support is guided by Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Model (CPS) and by lessons learned from the neurodiversity movement. I believe strongly that parents are experts on their children. Even if you are struggling, you know your child better than anyone. It is also true that children do well when they can. If your child is struggling, something is getting in their way. Parenting support will be a collaborative process and we will work together to help you better understand why the problems are occurring and how to guide your child towards growth and success.

    If you would like to explore treatment options, please give my office a call.